How we help


We support survivors, bereaved families and the community to remember the event of 14 June 2017 and to keep the memory of their loved ones in hearts and minds.

Grenfell Anniversary

Each year the Foundation supports anniversary events. Including supporting private events for bereaved and survivors to come together, a large community vigil by the Tower, and the larger Silent Walks that significant dates bring. The Foundation has raised funds to be able to provide a fitting anniversary led by bereaved families, survivors and the community on the 14 June for years to come.

Silent walks

Every month the community comes together for a silent walk. To remember those lost in the fire, support each other and to keep the campaign for justice in the public eye. The Foundation supports the walk and provides the local organisers with equipment they need to keep the walk safe, month in and month out.


We work with survivors and bereaved families to keep Grenfell in the public’s mind during the ongoing Inquiry so that the lessons of Grenfell will be learnt and not forgotten.

Never Forget Video

18 months after the fire we supported those affected by the fire to come together and share their message of hope and change, in their own words. The video reached 3 million people. Watch video.


Ahead of the 2 year anniversary we projected messages onto towers in London, Manchester and Newcastle and onto the House of Parliament to highlight the unsafe conditions people are still living in and to #DEMANDCHANGE.


We support survivors and bereaved families to have time away from the area to have respite and to share quality time together, creating new happy memories as a family.


We’ve supported Cornwall Hugs to continue their work providing holidays and sanctuary for affected families in Cornwall.

Family Support

Much of the work that the Foundation supports is behind the scenes for families, this includes paying for meeting space for large gatherings, transport for those living out of London to attend important events, additional equipment for support services to ensure families are getting the help they require and a range of other initiatives as requested by families. We have a small team that are on hand to provide day-to-day assistance to families, connecting them to support and advice as needed.


We find opportunities to support small community projects that are bringing people together, as recommended to us by bereaved and survivors.

Local Projects

We support a weekly football training group for community, bereaved and survivors.

The Teit Ethiopian School which was set up by affected families, and now has 36 students attending every weekend. The Foundation provided IT equipment and stationary to the project to help get it up and running and we look forward to sharing the progress of the project in due course.

We have provided laptops to the Henry Dickens Centre to support with their Homework Club.

We have provided 'Tree of Life' and 'COURRAGE' narrative therapy training to 20 health staff, support staff and community members.

Local Events

We supported the very first TEDx Ladbroke Grove.

If you are a bereaved family member, survivor or community member with a project or initiative that fits with the Foundation's goals and objectives, please contact us to see how we can support: